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What To Stay Away From While On Treatment?

What To Stay Away From While On Treatment?

I'm on prednisone 60mg/day; plaquenil; cellcept 500mg/twice a day; loratab for pain but I hardly take any unless if I really need it and I take melatonin sometimes to help me sleep, vitamins; ceterizine; ranitidine; I can't remember the rest. I've been having sleep problems and I'm exhausted. I sometimes have caffeine to keep my awake but I don't know if that's safe with all my medications I'm taking. I only drink coffee at work, I work twelve hours on graves. Any advice will be taken! Thank you… read more

A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Melatonin and echinacea are to be avoided when you have lupus. You will find that information on the Johns Hopkins site. Try good sleep hygine practices and use valerian instead of melatonin.

With Cellcept, you should not eat two hours before and one hour after taking it. Anything with magnesium, including foods and over the counter antacids, will prevent the very expensive Cellcept (mycophenolate mofetil) from metabolizing into the active ingredient (myfortic acid).

Caffeine causes an up and down cycle that makes things worse in the end. Regular snacks of a little protein and some complex carbs will help.

Sleep hygiene:
An hour before you want to sleep
Get off all electronics. The blue light interrupts your natural melatonin release.
Read instead or do adult coloring or a quiet craft.
Have a sleep ritual including an evening shower or bath, pajamas, etc.
Essential oils in a diffuser or just on your pillow are calming. Try lavendar!
Have a snack with a little protein (piece of cheese, yogurt, nuts) and a little complex carbs (whole wheat crackers, fruit). This helps trigger tryptophan which encourages sleep.
Lay out the stuff you need the next day before you start your bed time ritual. You don't need to be worrying about tomorrow.
Listen to quiet ambient spa music or white noise.
Quiet your mind. Follow the breath by just counting in and out breaths to ten and starting over. Count backwards by 3s from 1,000. Try to remember all the words of an old song, all your elementary school teachers, a flower or bird for each letter of the alphabet.
Think about each person you know and wish them peace and healing in their lives.

This is a start!

Let me know how you do! You can email me at editor at lupusflorida dot org.

posted over 5 years ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Read the John Hopkins Lupus Centre "Things to Avoid". One of them is melatonin. You may want to check this out. Pretty interesting - one of the 1st was garlic. I think John Hopkins is a reliable source. Anyone else?

posted over 5 years ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

I am also taking the exact meds you are for the exception of the pain med. I try to stay away from over processed foods. Taking medication has its complications so I try to eat healthier.

posted over 5 years ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

I stopped taking omeprazole or Famotidine or whatever you want to call it, because it was giving me stomach issues, that the doctor told me was acid reflux, (AR), even though I had no symptoms of AR. Since then, no more indigestion.

As for sleep, I fully recommend to EVERYONE: use audio recordings -- run them throughout the night, for different Megahertz (MHz) levels affect different areas of the brain with the brainwaves. The link offered here is just one of many, and with which I started. It is very effective, and since then, I am free of taking any sleep aids via tablets.

Please try this, and let me know how it makes you feel. I wake up a little "dopey", for it activates melantonin, and I always am that way if I were taking that as a supplement. It clears up once you hydrate, but at least you'll get to sleep! Plus, check out the other audios -- they are posted by caring, loving people who want the best for all of us, and over time, they can actually heal. I had swelling in both knees for so long, and now it's finally gone. I credit the audios for that. There is an audio for whatever you need.

Here is the first one:

God bless, and feel better!🥰

posted 3 days ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Pepcid is the best antacid I have found, omeprazole makes lupus worse.. zantac causes cancer.. eating a low inflammation diet is key, balance is key as well we need soluble and insoluble fiber as well. Anything raise or grown : real food will help with inflammation which causes pain. I only do Tylenol cause rest can hurt your kidney liver....God bless all
Who read this: take it step by step. GOD'S got it

posted 3 days ago
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