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How Many Single Lupies Feel Real Lonely Sometimes?

How Many Single Lupies Feel Real Lonely Sometimes?

I feel like I'm alone sometimes. My kids are there but I want a significant other sometimes. It's hard to hide symptoms when dating like rashes and pain.

posted January 27, 2017
A MyLupusTeam Member

I also get lonely and depressed. I don't have children and can't have them. When I try to date. I just feel like who'd want damaged goods?? I feel like a burden to people already. Why would I want to add more people to burden...
I only have a few friends but they all have they're lives to live and family to take care of... Its got so bad I had to have my dosage increased on my anxiety and anti depressant medications.

posted November 27, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

We shouldn't have to hide who we are or our pain. So if they can't except us for who we are then they don't deserve us

posted August 14, 2019
A MyLupusTeam Member

I can relate to the loneliness definitely because it's you walking in these shoes alone. I suggest because you feel like you alone to do what makes you happy and relaxed. We all need to find some sorta of peace and it won't always be in friends and family but what our individual self would love. I feel lonely a lot but I love to read, write, draw, spend time outside, exercise if I can, movies, games, etc... things I can do alone or with people that are not too taxing :)

posted June 5, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

I think I talk myself out of it. My son and nieces are forever saying go one dating site. I did that once and it was horrendous. If the Lord above has plans for me, I will meet a man in the way it is ment to be. Until then I am content with myself πŸ™‚

posted December 12, 2020
A MyLupusTeam Member

I can definitely relate. I have been single a long time now, ten years. My daughter has her own apartment now and is this year will be her last year of college. I do have a few close friends but the number has dwindled as the years have gone on. I just don't have the energy for superficial relationships anymore and then some friends just ended up fading into the background when I was not able to go go go all the time. The friends that have remained though are genuine and very understanding and supportive. I do have some supportive family as well. I just try to do the things I enjoy and live my life the best I can. I trust that if I am meant to have a significant other or more friends than it is God's will. I just take it day by day but some days are very hard and I feel very alone.

posted July 6, 2018

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