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How Do I Hide The Ammonia Odor From Kidney Disease?

How Do I Hide The Ammonia Odor From Kidney Disease?

I can't be the only one that has kidney disease and deals with the horrible ammonia smell, it's not TMI when its happening to you.
. I haven't found a lot if research on hiding or lessening the ammonia smell. I work still in a busy company which makes me worry other people can smell it too not just when I urinate, right now I hide it by rolling on lavender in the inside of my jeans crotch area. Anyone found tricks to hide it or lessen it?

posted November 11, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

So - my urine tests came back and I have a high level of chlorine in my body which is very hard on the kidneys, the body doesn't know how to break it down or flush it so it created the seashell ammonia smell.
The culprit?! BOTTLED WATER! Bottled water has chlorine in it, eventhough it doesn't state that it does! So here I was pushing water thinking I was doing good but I was making myself worse. The more expensive water like fiji and filtered water is the friends be weary of bottled water. If you google ammonia bottled water you'll see it all pop up

posted December 17, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

Thank you so much for your post! Even though I just found it! I have suffered with kidney stones for years. Mine were analyzed and sodium bicarbonate was what would keep them away. So my doctor told me to drink sodas and I was totally Coca Cola addict that was easy until I was diagnosed as diabetic and I am allergic to aspartame. Not many sodas sweetened with Splenda. So I didn’t drink sodas much after that. Then I ended up with the ammonia smell in my urine and I did not have any idea what it was! I have noticed it more when I don’t drink enough water. So I have been trying to be conscious of it. I am also post menopausal when the ammonia smell happens the vaginal area burns so I don’t know if those are related or not? I am definitely going to discuss this with my doctor! I was thinking I was weird. I have also been drinking 99% of my water is cheap bottle water. I am going to definitely check my water better!
Thank you again .

posted June 26, 2019
A MyLupusTeam Member

I have chronic kidney problems but thank God l don't have that smell but lm sorry that you are experiencing that my prayers are with you

posted December 18, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

Thank you for posting this question. I've been struggling with the ammonia smell for quite awhile now. I have found the pads, wipes and drinking more water helps also. I was wondering if it was your primary care that sent you for the kidney tests. I tell my rheumatologist and he just says it's part of lupus and to eat better. There is quite a bit of abdominal pain too but doctors don't seem concerned.

posted December 15, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

Well, I use the bladder control pads. I also use to use the feminine wipes but found it dries too much later. So instead I use the wipes to clean around the area not on the area. Preferably the hair area. I also noticed that if I dribble a little when I stand, it is very strong so I make sure that I am completely done.

posted February 20, 2019

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