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What Can We Use In Cooking As A Garlic Alternative?

What Can We Use In Cooking As A Garlic Alternative?

A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Good morning all. Hoping everyone is having a great Summer. I am truly enjoying my Summer here in New York.
Summer and Fall are definitely the best seasons for my Lupus. Winter is very rough for me as it develops intense pain in my muscles specially my Triceps my knees and legs. This is in response to a member who asked if the Sun exposure causes rashes in our skins bc of Lupus or weaknesses. I fortunately as of now have no experience any weaknesses bc of Sun exposures, however I developed rashes in my arms last year in May during my daughter's College graduation due to 3 hours of being sitting down in a Stadium on the Sun but if I walk in the Sun I have never had any reaction.

posted 4 days ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

That's a good question that I cannot answer.. I searched and could only find reasons not to eat it. I love cooking with garlic pepper and use less of it than in the past. So far I haven't had a flare-up from it. Of course, we are all different and experience reactions according to our own physicalities. @A MyLupusTeam Member, do you have any suggestions? I am curious too.

edited, originally posted 4 days ago
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