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Does Anyone Experience Severe Migraine Headaches?

Does Anyone Experience Severe Migraine Headaches?

I've had stress migraines since i was a kid, start in the neck and work there way up.These migrains are different. The migraines I'm talking about are seriously debilitating. I'm talking blurred vision, extreme pressure behind your eye, can barely lift head.
Yes, I've been to the doctor, ER SD I'm having ocular migraines, my Dr of 20 years thinks I have blood behind my eye. Waiting to see an eye specialist as I type. Just wondering if any of you had had this happen?

posted January 24
A MyLupusTeam Member

If you're not going to be able to see an ophthalmologist soon, please consider seeing an optometrist who can see you today. It would be good for you to get screened for glaucoma, which the optometrist can do, as this can cause this extreme eye pressure and headache. It's worth seeing the ophthalmologist when you can, too, but better not to delay on a possible glaucoma diagnosis.

Good luck!

posted January 25

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