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A MyLupusTeam Member asked a question 💭

I just started feeling these bursts of electric heat shocks. Hard to explain but I feel like my body is being pounded with rain or sleet. It’s like a electric zapping in my whole body from the neck to my toes. My family thinks I am crazy because I will ask them if it’s raining. They look at me like I am crazy. It is happening now and every time it starts it gets worse each time I feel like crawling out of my skin. What is this related to? Does anyone else have this happen to them? If so… read more

A MyLupusTeam Member

This could be Raynaud's syndrome. If you turn purple and blue in the hands and feet. There is no known reason, there is no known cure. I have had it all my life. I have to wear long sleeves even in… read more