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Talking to supervisors about health

I was wondering if any of you have had conversations with your boss about your health? I am having some really bad days with pain, etc. and it is making it really hard to be the active teacher I used to be. I still do my job, but maybe not as animatedly as I once did. I am concerned that this will start showing up in performance reviews and wonder if I should talk to my principal about what is going on--not for excuses, but to notify I guess. Is that a good or bad idea? Any… read more

posted 8 minutes ago by A MyLupusTeam User

Skin care professional friend wants to write article for other professionals about lupus skin issues and challenges--what should she know?

I have lupus and can tell her my own skin issues, but I really only experience the photosensitive rash, and I know things can get much more complicated than that. I don't want to limit her article based on my limited experience, so I thought I would ask the best sources of good information: you all.

What skin struggles or challenges have you had related to lupus? What would it… read more

tags: dermatological issues skin care professionals challenges

posted 33 minutes ago by A MyLupusTeam User

Hair thinning out

After a year being diagnosed I'm noticing that my hair is thinning out. It's so thin I can't even do any type of hair style like I use to. It's very stiff and it was never like that before.

Does anyone else deal with the same issue if yes what are you using to help it. Thank you.

posted about 5 hours ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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I also take biotin for hair and nails. My hair became very brittle and dry for a period also. I was in a job that exposed me to many chemicals and I was way over… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Gluten Free Hunger

I am starving since I quit gluten :( WHAT can I eat,non gluten to stop being hungry? today I am making Healthy corn tacos for lunch,but snack ideas? anyone?

edited, originally posted about 6 hours ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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Sip 16 ounces of water with a shot of "Bragg's Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice!' it helps with hunger, digestion it has many health benefits. I drink it everyday.… read more

posted about 5 hours ago

How were your pregnancies?

My doctor said I should be just fine when I decide to become pregnant (or not decide, amiright? It's not always a plan when it happens). I was negative for those nasty antiphospholipid antibodies. So the doctor side of things all checks out...

I'm just curious on how your pregnancy experiences were? I'm a tad nervous about my reproductive/parental future...

posted about 13 hours ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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I have RH- Blood type and lost 4 babies,then had my son,who is 22 now. to be honest, it's GOD who gave me my son. I will Pray for u to seek the Lord in this.

posted about 6 hours ago


Anybody on sucrafate

posted about 18 hours ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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You must talk to your doctor about this. These symptoms are not normal. Yellow fluid could be from infection or allergies. Your doctor can treat this. Swollen hands… read more

posted about 8 hours ago

Has anyone experienced hair loss?

I used to have very full long hair and I used to shed hair like crazy. Now my hair is short but no hair shedding. What helps grow your hair back? Is it the cellcept or the plaquenil that causes hair loss?

posted about 21 hours ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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Lupus itself can cause hair loss. Thyroid problems that sometimes accompany lupus can cause hair loss. Some medications like plaquenil can cause hair loss. Cellcept is… read more

posted about 8 hours ago


I have been on Methotrexate for the last nine months. Dr just switched me to Plaquenil. Can you share your good and bad affects of this medication with me.

Thank you

posted 1 day ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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I have been on both medications for several years, and recently took me off plaquenil because it was affecting my eyes so bad, but I still take methotrexate a shot… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Affordable Care Act

I know not everyone lives in the US but I'm curious how the affordable care act has effected everyone. Good? Bad? I have health insurance through my husband, thank goodness, but with the change in administration, I know preexisting condition patients like us are being talked about. Not a debate of democrat verse republican, just how it has effected you personally.

posted 1 day ago by A MyLupusTeam User
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Wow. Big increase. So what does she do now?

posted 1 day ago
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