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What Is Systemic Lupus?
A MyLupusTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted January 6, 2015
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A MyLupusTeam Member

Youtube has a very short video showing what SLE Lupus is. Systemic is just what it says your system your body will go in a massive hey wire. The organs of your body can be affected with systemic Lupus. I have SLE Lupus and my mom had it also and it affected her heart and her skin more than anything. I hope this has helped.

posted January 7, 2015
A MyLupusTeam Member

I actually got diagnosed with SLE after I had a 3D mammogram. It was the absolute worst news. My Dr said well no mass or growth BUT you are showing lung, heart, thyroid, and kidney problems. I was like but I went in for a mammogram! I already had Rheumatoid Arthritis and I went to my Rheumatologist and she tested and said yes you have SLE Lupus. I now have specialists for EVERYTHING! I was relieved to hear it because I was NOT crazy! I thought what is WRONG with me? I am happy to have reasons for my aches and pains and now 38 surgeries. I just thank God every day to be alive! I turn 50 in January and I am just so EXCITED!

posted December 5, 2022
A MyLupusTeam Member

Go to and get some of the books.

posted January 16, 2015
A MyLupusTeam Member

Marilyn, love how you said that, you Wasbund. I have one of those too of 29 years. I thought I was crazy as well. We might look good on the outside, but horrible on the inside. His loss for sure. Keep strong. Love your energy.

posted January 31
A MyLupusTeam Member

I also felt relieved with diagnosis~ that I wasn’t crazy & physically falling apart just because my 24 yes of marriage came to sudden end overnight. First thing he said after he said “I met someone” (5 yr affair) was that I had “changed” after my surgery.

I had begun to question me too… maybe I’m going crazy- I look healthy the outside. But why was everything not functioning? Like you- SLE confirmation was welcomed. With treatment I feel sooo much better.2023 is going to be the best year ever.
My “ wasbund” doesn’t know what he’s missing. I bet his mistress gets sick some day too God help her.
I thank God that each day feels like a gift now. I’m done questioning me.
Hope you continue to feel blessed too.

posted December 11, 2022

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