Lupus and Skin Symptoms (Infographic)

Posted on November 14, 2016

Life with lupus can mean a whole lot of symptoms, including skin symptoms. We asked members to tell us about their skin symptoms. Eight in 10 members report experiencing a rash at some point. 62% have experienced the "butterfly" rash and 33% have experienced the discoid "disk shaped" rash. Members who are affected by rashes also told us they experience skin redness, sensitivity to light, itchiness, hair loss and change of skin color.

Here's what MyLupusTeam members told us about skin symptoms:

Do you experience skin symptoms as part of your lupus? What steps do you take to deal with skin symptoms?

A MyLupusTeam Member said:

I have a lot of skin issues also. I used to have very clear skin. I would be out eating or at the mall and strangers would come up to me and comment… read more

posted 6 days ago