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Has Anyone Thought About Taking The Vaccine For COVID-19 When It Becomes Available To Us?

Has Anyone Thought About Taking The Vaccine For COVID-19 When It Becomes Available To Us?

I have been thinking about it alot and feel like I would try it especially if it helps ease my anxiety of leaving my house. I barely leave home and I am avoiding everyone including my mom and MIL. I do not like being like this one bit but I don’t trust anyone and it feels icky to think that way.

What are you guys’ thoughts on the vaccine? Would you do it ?

And please don’t argue just share your thoughts and respect one… read more

A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Jams is correct. I have a strong background in medical industry and immunology which most all therapies being studied for cancer, vaccines, Lupus, etc are surrounding using and testing our own bodies how to recognize specific pathogens that are harming us. All cell (antigens or pathogens aka invaders) have a specific antigen presenting cell. This is one is the spike protein that disguises it from others (I'm not getting as in depth as it really is but this I hope helps.) No live virus will be in your body. Please see explanation on Pfizer's website. Both Moderna (dose dependent) and Pfizer the two companies currently talked about with vaccines achieving 90% - 95%) efficacy work the same way as described below. Please speak with your MD's but like another member here I'm in CA and my Rhuemy is Dr. Venturapalli who works with Dr. Wallace (who many of you may have heard of.) They are affiliated with Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills a very well respected medical hospital and research center who always participates in clinical trials. I will be getting this vaccine. Covid is actually very dangerous to us who have Lupus for several various reasons. I feel confident in my own research that I would like to take this vaccine as soon as it's my turn. I will consult with my Rhuemy first as always! Bless you all!!

Pfizer Investigational Vaccine

"What kind of vaccine is the investigational vaccine?

"The investigational vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. It is a kind of vaccine that gives a body's cells instructions to make viral proteins that can be recognized by the immune system. It contains a small part of the genetic code for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. By delivering the mRNA to the body’s cells, the viral protein is expressed and an immune system response is generated against it, with the goal of preventing COVID-19 disease. The vaccine does not contain any live virus."

"How are mRNA vaccines different than traditional vaccines?

There are many different types of vaccines used to help prevent infections, and all have the same goal: train your immune system to recognize and defend against organisms that cause disease by producing disease-fighting antibodies and activating immune cells, such as T-cells. Some conventional vaccines may be made up of weakened, dead, or noninfectious parts of a virus or bacterium. mRNA vaccines are different because they contain information about the infectious agent to give a body's cells instructions to make a viral protein that can be recognized by the immune system."

I hope this helps a bit for some.

NOTE: FYI their are no stem cells (referring to baby fetus answer) in this or any vaccines studied thus far.

posted about 2 months ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

I will crawl on my hands and knees to get the vaccine. I have been trapped in my house since March leaving only a handful of times for needed doctors appointments

Also important to note there is a disinformation campaign being waged right now on social media about the vaccines and fetal tissue from aborted babies. This has been addressed and is false. There will be several vaccines made by several companies using different techniques. Options should be available but please fact check before making decisions concerning your heath and OTHERS health.

As I mentioned, several vaccines should be approved, at least 2 of which are using a new technique for vaccines that don’t involve using the virus...alive or dead. So please don’t be discouraged having heard live virus vaccines can be difficult for us and cause side effects. These vaccines are not meant to trigger the immune system by introducing the virus to the body. Instead it teaches the immune system how to fight the virus effectively if it is exposed to it. It’s a different strategy than the old school vaccines which is one reason why so few side effects have been noted

Talk to your doctors about the Covid vaccine so you understand it better before making a decision. This is a personal decision but since Covid and the inflammation it causes can be so dangerous for us I urge everyone to consider it seriously

I attached the fact check from a trusted source below showing the rumors about fetus tissue in the AZ vaccine have been proven false

posted 2 months ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Also, please note we have been warned by officials that there is a huge disinformation campaign being waged right now about the vaccine

Bad people with bad intentions are circulating lies about Covid and about the vaccine. Heck...there are a lot of people who don’t even believe in the virus because of this propaganda. Now we’re going to have a lot of people believing crazy things about the vaccines too. I’ve seen some ridiculous things being said online....which I won’t repeat.

So please, read only TRUSTED SOURCES. Information from the CDC or state and government health departments. Also double check news sources...there are *many* websites and social media accounts claiming to be legit news sources when they are not. It doesn’t take much to make a convincing looking website and post fake news and memes

posted about 1 month ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

Miadford I agree with you, I’m not taking, I will encourage each person to do their own research, there are to many item in them that I dont want injected into my body for many reason. Hope you guys have had a good friday and your weekend is blessed. Gentle hugs to all my lupus warriors.

posted about 1 month ago
A MyLupusTeam Member said:

As a person with lupus, I'm also just positive with covid. So far I've had mild symptoms: cough, muscle/joint pain, headaches, sniffles, beginning of a sore throat, fatigue. They say that your lungs get Inundated with your white blood cells and starts to attack your body with covid, just like lupus does to our bodies. With me being on plaquenil and 2 immune suppressants, I wonder if that has helped my lungs not to get seriously infected?? Just a thought of course

posted about 2 months ago
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