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What Do You All Use For Insomnia???

What Do You All Use For Insomnia???

I can get to sleep but have trouble staying asleep... Wake up several times a night

posted February 9, 2018
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A MyLupusTeam Member

I use cannabis with THC at night. I use a tincture (oil). I do 30-40 mg and I fall asleep for 8 hours. Often times I don't even wake up to pee at night. If everything else is failing, at least I'm getting good sleep.

posted February 18, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

I take 200 mg of Trazadone and 20 mg of Melatonin. I take a 10mg extended release and then 2 fives. I sleep like a baby. If you decide you want to try the Melatonin with it let me know and I will give you the name of the one that is 10mg extended released. So you get Melatonin all through the night instead of having it all at one time.

posted February 21, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

Don't take meds, but I have learned the following:
1. Melatonin 1/2 hour before bed can be helpful.
2. Use a blue light filter on the cell phone.
3. No tv, computer, or cell phone for about 1 hour before bed.
4. Milk can help, but be sure to have some protein at bedtime to help to stay asleep.
5. Reading in not bright light can make eyes tired and help with falling asleep.
These things help me. I also like to use a thick, fluffy comforter to cuddle.

posted November 16, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

Hey guys, hope you're all well and always improving in your symptoms.. for insomnia (which I suffered for decades ) I'm no expert but I would definitely highly recommend the following. No harm in trying.. :)

Quit all caffeinated beverages - if you have to have something let it be in the morning or early afternoon. Never after 3 pm. You may have a hyperactive nervous system in which case the caffeine won't let you fall asleep.. switch to herbal teas like peppermint. Chamomile, sage, lavendar, fennel.... If I ever feel like what we call a 'normal ' tea in the UK, I take decaffeinated black tea, but rarely. This doesn't seem to cause any problems with sleep.

Try not to eat close to bed time.. give your body a few hours to unwind from the day and from digestion! I stop eating 5 or 6 pm. After that its just herbal teas, some water..

Magnesium bath soaks - I can't recommend these enough.. the hotter the water the better.

Massage is excellent for relaxing, especially the neck and head.

Get checked for parasites - these suckers ruined most my life. I had a huge parasite infection in my colon and they wouldn't let me sleep - for decades. I never thought I would be able to sleep peacefully but I eventually killed the parasites and thankfully sleep ok now.. Also magnesium oil is great and really improves quality of sleep. Highly highly recommended!!!

What else... Hmmm... Yes - Remove sugar from the diet as much as possible. If possible remove ALL sugar and dairy. (No cows milk. ) you'll be surprised how many health problems dairy and sugar cause.. Just try removing them and I promise you'll feel heaps better.

I think that's it for now.. Hope this helps.
Best wishes,
Shifa xxoo

posted February 19, 2018
A MyLupusTeam Member

We are all individuals who will react differently to medicines and herbs and therefore experimentation is necessary to see what works best for each individual. Being retired I have a little more leeway about my rest. There are times when I sleep reasonably well and other times when I can’t sleep at all. I also use cyclobenzaprine (flexeril), because much of what doesn’t allow me to sleep is my neck and back and restless leg syndrome. My neck and back are the one area that seems to have continuous ongoing inflammation. Melatonin has never worked for me and I don’t like the way Valerian and Poppy makes me feel when I wake up. I only use prescription medication when I’ve gone for a few days without much sleep or my muscles are so stiff I can’t find any comfortable position to sleep in. All I can say, is thank goodness for naps.

posted November 19, 2018

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